Hello, I am Pascal de Jonge!

I am a enthoustiastic and highly diligent web- & software engineer with a passion for building awesome solutions with technology while maintaining a high standard of security and quality.

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... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills!








A set of things I did in the past

push, email and textmessage service | Image by kevberon from Pixabay


Designed and built a notification component which can send scheduled based push, email or text messages with fully customizable templates. The component also supports a fallback to a different channel in case the message failed to be delivered via the primary channel. Azure • C# • SQL

api integrations model | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

API Integrations

Integrate 10+ 3th party travel data providers into 1 system and processed the data into a simple strucure so that it can easily be consumed by the mobile app. Azure • C# • JSON • XML

auth0 security integration to access the product in a more secure manner

Auth0 implementation

Built an Auth0 authentication solution together with the current legacy authentication layer due to backwards compatibilty reasons. This solution is build as a middleware in the .net authentication pipeline and straightforward endpoint implementations. Private package library • C#

responsive travel web platform for travelers to view their realtime booking

Responsive Travel Web Platform

Designed and built a mobile web travel itinerary. The UI supports 100% customizability per customer such as layout, data and custom made plugins.Azure • Rest API • HTML/CSS • Javascript • jQuery • JSON

travel manager dashboard to give travelmanager a closer connection with their travelers | Image by UXUIDesign from Pixabay

Travel Manager Portal

Built a web portal for travel managers to enable them to apply and push customizable travel policies via the travel app. Additionally provided a communcation pipeline between the travel manager and the travelers. Typescript • VueJS • C#


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